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What is nichesss, and how to get the most out of our platform

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What is nichesss?

nichesss is a site which helps you find niches, come up with business ideas and generate content ✨.

We believe that every subreddit, interest, problem, hobby, passion or talent can be a niche with the potential to unlock many business opportunities. 🏄‍♂️

We also believe that content is crucial in starting or growing any business.

For help with content generation, go to the official guide for content generation tools.

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Before you read this page, try asking our AI helpbot any question. It can answer questions about our tools, pricing or our API.

We'll be going over ...

  • Generating Content
  • Niche Reports
  • Browsing by Niches
  • Browsing by Business Type
  • PAID Searching Subreddits For Niches
  • PAID Finding & Creating Your Own Niches
  • PAID Searching Niches by Passion, Problem, Interests, Skillset or Hobbies
  • Choosing Businesses & Products To Create
  • Building an Audience

Generating Content

Everyday thousands of peoply rely on nichesss for help with content generation.

From blog intros and social media posts, to help writing e-mail newsletters, nichesss is there to speed up your productivity and break writer's block.

View our Official Guide for Content Generation Tools to get a better idea of what kinds of inputs are needed to get the best results.

You can also join our Facebook Group to get help from our community of 14,500+ people.

Niche Reports

Niche reports are the core of nichesss. They provide rough estimates of market size, sub-reddits* where you can find potential customers/early-adopters, and most importantly — business ideas.

Currently, a niche report can provide ideas for up-to 18 business types:

Niche reports are a great way to see if a market is worth pursuing, and what kind of business ideas are available within that market/niche.

* A subreddit is only a small portion of a market.

Browsing by Niches

Occasionally our team will create niche reports, which are free and accessible to the general public. Feel free to use the ideas found within these niche reports to create your own businesses.

a list of niches
a list of niches on the homepage.

On the browse niches page you can also see cool stats, like:

  • how many sub-reddits we are tracking,
  • and how many niches our community has created.

With a paid plan, you can generate reports like we do for any sub-reddit, interest or "problem" you want.

Browsing by Business Type

As we mentioned before, our platform generates niche reports, with the possibility to include up-to 18 business types:

You can click on any of those business types to get business ideas, and explore niches with business opportunities tied to those business types.

PAID Searching Subreddits For Niches

With any nichesss paid plan, you can search over 30K+ sub-reddits to get niche ideas, and generate niche reports. You can search by things like:

  • number of subscribers,
  • whether the sub-reddit is safe for work or not (nsfw),
  • keywords in the title & description of the sub-reddit

a list of niches
sub-reddit searcher in nichesss interface

In the image above, we see that a search for 'trees' returns roughly 150 sub-reddits, and reveals there are a plethora of marijuana related subreddits.

PAID Find & Create Your Own Niches

Once you've searched and selected sub-reddits you like, you can create a niche against them.

Its a simple, 2-step process. The first step is to press "continue."

a list of niches
step 1: choose your sub-reddits, then hit "continue"

The final step is to describe the people of those sub-reddits in one sentence, then choose some business types.

a list of niches
step 2: describe the sub-reddits you've chosen

Again, once you describe the sub-reddits, you can choose from our 18 pre-defined business types — but keep in mind every business type is not suitable for every niche.

Which leads me to my next point.

PAID Searching Niches by Passion, Problem, Interests, Skillset or Hobbies

We also give you the option to take quizzes which ask you the following things:

  • 💖 What your passion is
  • 😤 A problem people have
  • ⛹️‍♂️ Your hobbies or interests
  • 👨🏽‍💻 Your skillset
  • 💃 A talent you have

Once we get your answer, we use Artificial Intelligence to give you some ideas.

a list of niches
dashboard with quiz selector

It's been amazing seeing what ideas people have decided to pursue. Try one of our business ideas quizzes by signing up for free trial.

Choosing Businesses & Products To Create

Before diving head first into a business idea, its imperative that you validate the idea first.

Because all of our niche reports target sub-reddits, its easy to "pop into" the subreddit and ask for feedback/opinions.

Many sub-reddits frown upon self-promotion, so another alternative is to run ads against the sub-reddit to gauge interest.

But the best thing to do, is to create an audience that you have unfettered access to. That way you can get feedback quickly (via social media, or e-mail) and give them many products.

Building an Audience

Once you've identified a niche and found potential products, it's time to build an audience.

If you already have one, that's great! But if you don't, that's not a problem.

We are working on tools to make audience building fun and predictable, but for now, the best suggestion we can give is to provide value wherever your potential customers live online.

Value should come in the form of free things. Things like content, advice, tips and/or feedback that are related to your paid offerings. Eventually, through continued content, advice, tips, and/or feedback, your fans, followers and e-mail subscribers will become paying customers. 😀

You can provide value in the following places:

That's all I've got for now. Feel free to tweet me at @malcolmtyson with any questions, thoughts or concerns you may have.

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