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How does copy.ai stack up against nichesss, our free copy.ai alternative?

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I get it, you may like copy.ai, but...

They don't have a way to write longer content in seconds.  💝

We'll be honest — Copy.ai is a great tool, but nichesss has more tools and is more affordable.

Is copy.ai really worth it?

Our Technology

GPT-3 + More

At nichesss, we not only use GPT-3, but we also use other providers to get you great content at a fraction of the price

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copy.ai Technology

GPT-3 Only

copy.ai uses GPT-3, which everyone in the industry uses + charges you a premium to use it.

With nichesss you get the same quality for a fraction of the price.

Our Rating


300+ Reviews on Appsumo can't be wrong. People really love the content we produce.

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copy.ai Rating


People do like copy.ai but not as much as they like us.

Our Pricing


At nichesss we only charge $59 one-time. We have a very small team operating out of Brazil 🇧🇷 and can pass the savings on to you.

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copy.ai Pricing


Using copy.ai for a year would cost at least $588 each year. Yikes! 😲

Our Tools


At nichesss we have over 100+ tools. Pick the tool for the exact job you want to get done and get blown away by the results.

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copy.ai Tools


copy.ai has 70 tools, which comes short compared to our 100+

At nichesss you get the same quality for way less

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