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How does ShortlyAI stack up against nichesss, our free ShortlyAI alternative?

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I get it, you may like ShortlyAI, but...

Their pricing is insane! Write with us, its way cheaper with the same technology.  💝

We'll be honest — ShortlyAI offers a nice writing experience. But, it is no longer supported, and is really expensive. Learn more about our Shortly AI alternative which helps you write content fast!

Is ShortlyAI really worth it?

Our Technology

GPT-3 + More

At nichesss, we not only use GPT-3, but we also use other providers to get you great content at a fraction of the price

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ShortlyAI Technology

GPT-3 Only

ShortlyAI uses GPT-3, which everyone in the industry uses + charges you a premium to use it.

With nichesss you get the same quality for a fraction of the price.

Our Rating


300+ Reviews on Appsumo can't be wrong. People really love the content we produce.

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ShortlyAI Rating


People do like ShortlyAI but not as much as they like us.

Our Pricing


At nichesss we only charge $59 one-time. We have a very small team operating out of Brazil 🇧🇷 and can pass the savings on to you.

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ShortlyAI Pricing


Using ShortlyAI for a year would cost at least $2,488 each year. Yikes! 😲

Our Commands


At nichesss we have over 100+ commands and templates to get you started. Pick the command and template for the exact job you want to get done and get blown away by the results.

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ShortlyAI Commands


ShortlyAI only has 3 commands, which makes the content it generates very one-dimensional and one-size fits all

At nichesss you get the same quality for way less

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