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AI Story Generator

Takes a sentence and generates a story using AI.

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💡 Example: Bob caught a fish that then turned into a rabbit
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Why should you use our AI Story Generator?

Want to create a story quickly using ai?

In the mood for an ai generated story? Need an ai that writes stories?

Use our AI Story Generator. It is fast and makes cool stories. Our AI Story Generator is free for up to 30 generations.

AI generated stories are great because they get your creative juices flowing and also provide a fun source of entertainment!

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Let us help you write your story fast!

Our ai story writer is the best way to write a story quickly using ai. No more getting stuck on what to write when you have an ai story writer on your side.

To use our story generator, all you have to do is provide a sentence, and we will turn that sentence into a story. String together lots of different sentences to make the ultimate story using AI!

Try it today and see what it comes up with!

Is our ai story writer great for short stories?

Our ai writer is a great short story generator. No matter the genre, we will create an ai generated story that is sure the captivate the attention of your audience.

How random are the random stories?

Our ai story writer can also be considered a random story generator. The limit is your imagination. Whatever random thing you feed it, we will be able to create a random story from it.

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AI Story Examples

Here's a few example of what our AI Story Generator can create.

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AI Story Generator Demo

Need help using this tool? Watch this video showcasing how to use our AI Story Generator

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Here's how it works

Once you've logged in, find the AI Story tool amongst our 100+ tools.
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Fill out A sentence to turn into a story. (tips)
Get tons of ideas like "AI Story", generated by A.I. 🎉
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AI Story Generator Tips & Tricks

The best way to populate the fields of our AI Story Generator

Choosing the best ...
Suzie jumped into the lava and began to melt.
💡 Example: Bob caught a fish that then turned into a rabbit

For this example we've populated the "A sentence to turn into a story." field of our AI Story Generator with "Suzie jumped into the lava and began to melt."".

Here's how you should populate the "A sentence to turn into a story." field to get the best results from our AI Story Generator.

Good Examples

When using our ai story writer, its best to keep your sentence short and sweet. Write one sentence at a time to create an awesome story.

✔  One sentence at a time
Bad Examples

When writing ai generated stories with our tool, don't try to include too many things in your sentence, this will confuse our ai writer.

❌  Long paragraphs

Need help with the AI Story Generator?

Talk to our AI powered bot which can help answer any questions about our AI Story Generator!

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