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AI Art Prompt Helper

Helps you generates art prompts to use with nichesss, DALLE-2 or Stable Diffusion

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AI Art Prompt Helper Tool

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💡 example: A bird on mars
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Why should you use our AI Art Prompt Helper?

Need help coming up with art prompts?

Use our AI Art Prompt Generator. It generates a prompt for use with AI art models like Stable Diffusion, Dreambooth or DALLE-2.

Takes your idea and makes it longer

The best AI Art Prompts are the ones that are long and detailed. Our Prompt Generator from AI Art takes your short art idea, and turns into a long prompt that ART AI models can understand.

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AI Art Prompt Helper Examples

Here's a few example of what our AI Art Prompt Helper can create.

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AI Art Prompt Helper Tips & Tricks

The best way to populate the fields of our AI Art Prompt Helper

Choosing the best ...
pigs flying over the moon
💡 example: A bird on mars

For this example we've populated the "Your Art Idea" field of our AI Art Prompt Helper with "pigs flying over the moon"".

Here's how you should populate the "Your Art Idea" field to get the best results from our AI Art Prompt Helper.

Good Examples

When using our tool to generate an AI art prompt, keep it short and sweet. We'll make it long for you.

✔  short and sweet
✔  dog swimming
✔  child playing at the beach
✔  oil painting of an seal
Bad Examples

Don't try and use the long descriptive prompts you see on other sites. This tool is for taking a short prompt and making it long and detailed.

❌  long descriptive prompts
❌  Detailed portrait ghost, cyberpunk futuristic neon, reflective puffy coat, decorated with traditional japanese ornaments by ismail inceoglu dragan bibin hans thoma greg rutkowski alexandros pyromallis nekro rene maritte illustrated, perfect face, fine details, realistic shaded, fine - face, pretty face

Need help with the AI Art Prompt Helper?

Talk to our AI powered bot which can help answer any questions about our AI Art Prompt Helper!

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