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Sentences w/ Keywords Template

Template for a list of sentences with keywords you supply

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verified nichesss template
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Why should you use our Sentences w/ Keywords Template?

Have a word you need to create an example sentence for?

Use our Sentences with Keywords Template to create a document with many keywords and sentences in one go!

It is based off of our Keyword in Sentence Generator, which takes a keyword and generates one sentences. With this template, you can feed it a list of words, and it will create a document in seconds.

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It's easy to get started

Here's how it works

Copy the Sentences w/ Keywords Template above
Once you're there, create a new document
Paste the Sentences w/ Keywords Template into the document

The variables button should appear. Click it.

nichesss Variables Button

When the overlay appears fill in the details for the Sentences w/ Keywords you wish to write.


Find then click the autowrite button.

nichesss Autowrite Button

We will take the details you provided from the previous step to generate a unique Sentences w/ Keywords

Wait just a few seconds and get an awesome first draft for a Sentences w/ Keywords — generated by A.I. 🎉
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