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Rap Song Template

A template for writing a rap song

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Why should you use our Rap Song Template?

Want to write a rap song quickly?

Use our Rap Song Template. Under the hood, it uses AI to generate a complete rap song.

All you do is provide a topic and we'll come up with a song title, a chorus and three (3) verses.

Give it a spin today!

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You'll be blown away by the results! 🤯

It's easy to get started

Here's how it works

Copy the Rap Song Template above
Once you're there, create a new document
Paste the Rap Song Template into the document

The variables button should appear. Click it.

nichesss Variables Button

When the overlay appears fill in the details for the Rap Song you wish to write.


Find then click the autowrite button.

nichesss Autowrite Button

We will take the details you provided from the previous step to generate a unique Rap Song

Wait just a few seconds and get an awesome first draft for a Rap Song — generated by A.I. 🎉
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It's free to get started!